SKPM Supply Chain

Only if your supply chain management and logistics are correctly aligned can your firm operate successfully in today's cutthroat business environment. The introduction of a supply chain management system by Shri Karni Packer and Mover Pvt. Ltd. demonstrates the company's greatest development of activities in this industry. We have forayed into other logistics-related verticals, such as warehousing and transportation, and this has enabled us to launch the supply chain management service. We provide a comprehensive variety of logistics services as a leader in third-party logistics and supply chain management, allowing you to leverage your supply chain as a competitive differentiator within the profitability of your business by making your logistic operations hassle-free.

For delivering first-rate supply chain services, we invented a global operations model. Your supply chain benefits from the local expertise and worldwide competency that SKPM's networked offices and operation centers deliver. We are committed to integrating your supply chain into a world-class, successful enterprise.